Crawler Crane AMERICAN Sky Horse 11260

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Category Crawler Crane
Type Sky Horse 11260
Year 1977
Hours 11000
Description American Sky Horse 11260 Main boom 94 Length 60,96 mtrs.(200 feet ) Derrick mast 94 Length 30,48 mtrs. (100 feet) Maximum capacity (150 feet of boom) is 317,520 metric ton (200 feet of boom) is 232,650 metric ton Hook block 400 ton capacity. Trailing counterweight is 110 ton (incl.40 ton extra counterweights) Boom yard 1 Fly jib/jib mast attachment 12,19 mtrs. (40 feet ) Maximum capacity is 67,890 metric ton Hookblock 50 ton capacity. 1 pc. Boom section 10 feet 94” 1 pc Boom section 50 feet 94” 2 pc Boom section 20 feet 94” 3 pc Boomsection 50 feet 94” The crane have been overhauled in 2008,the technical condition is very good. More details on request. Available in February 2010.
Max lifting capacity 320
Undercarriage (%good) 80
Repairs Detailed maintenance on crane 11260 Changed radiator. Changed all tyres (8pcs) on counterweight. All hydraulic hoses between pumptower and svivel has been changed. All hydraulic hoses between svivel and gearbox on crawler has been changed. Overhauled brakes on maindrum and changed brakeshoes. Overhauled brakes on boomdrum and changed brakeshoes. Overhauled hoistclutch on maindrum. Overhauled hoistclutch on boomdrum. Changed loadcell. Ovehauled all airchambers on clutches and brakes. Changed all pendants between mast and counterweight. Changed all pendants on boomtip Changed all pendants between mast and outer bail. Changed hoistrope. Overhauled equalizers in boom and mast. Changed push and pull cables on boom and maindrum. Changed all fanbelts. Changed maneuvering handle on crawler. Changed a lot of airhoses. Changed all gaskets in svivel. (This was a big job.) This is services rendered during 2008. There is also spareparts for overhauling of brakes on whip line drum in stock.

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S.SZ Nutzfahrzeuge

Anna Jablonska



Auf der Held 13A, DE-54634, Bitburg-Matzen , (GERMANY)

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